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Learn how you can market your business and gain valuable networking resources!
  • You can spend thousands of dollars just trying to figure out how, but before you do, make sure you know what your budget can afford especially if you don’t need to pay for training and experience that you already have.  Starting a bookkeeping service can be more affordable than you think but it is still an investment. Ask yourself if the potential revenue is worth the minimal investment to secure your own future.   Will the resources for finding clients and marketing along with procedures to follow be worth the return on investment?

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  • How to open your own in-home bookkeeping service video edition is the most complete and real world instruction guide that will teach you step-by-step on starting a bookkeeping business. Created in a seminar presentation format, you can watch and listen to over 16 hours or two full days of training and instruction.  You will gain a vast knowledge from the authors first hand expertise and experiences.
  • The video edition also includes the customizable forms, spreadsheets and resources as well. Starting a bookkeeping service doesn’t need to cost you thousands of dollars in training if you already have bookkeeping experience.  If you love bookkeeping and want to be your own boss, it’s time to get access to your videos and start working on your future today.


starting a bookkeeping business webinar

Introduction Video – Watch for free

    • Duration 23 min
    • Background
    • Video Notations
    • Video Information
    • Video Chapters

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 5

Chapter 5-  Preparing tax returns

    • Duration 1 hour 15 min
    • New government regulations
    • Where to start
    • Tax schools and training
    • Preparing your own return
    • Preparing clients’ tax returns
    • Common Questions

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 1

Chapter 1-  Where to begin

    • Duration 2 hours 25 min
    • Writing your business plan
    • Start up costs
    • Business licensing
    • Certification and training
    • Organization type
    • Insurance
    • Accounting software
    • Office equipment
    • Customizable checklist
    • Common Questions

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 6

Chapter 6-  Common questions

    • Duration 1 hour 20 min
    • Mistakes and other concerns
    • Questions from actual bookkeepers

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 2

Chapter 2-  Bookkeeping services and going rates

    • Duration 2 hours 3 min
    • Types of services
    • Pricing structure
    • Getting paid
    • Business types
    • Quotes and engagement agreements
    • Common Questions

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 7

Chapter 7-  Bookkeeping accountability

    • Duration 1 hour 41 min
    • Fraud allegations
    • Internal control system
    • Certified internal control auditor
    • Common Questions

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 3

Chapter 3-  Sales and marketing trends

    • Duration 2 hours 46 min
    • Networking and contacts
    • Selling your services
    • Joining organizations
    • Marketing
    • Websites
    • Google secrets and tricks
    • Online freelancing
    • Testing your marketing
    • Common Questions

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 8

Chapter 8-  Forms and Checklists

    • Duration 25 min
    • Forms and checklists included
    • Examples on using forms
    • Common Questions

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 4

Chapter 4-  Bookkeeping instructions

    • Duration 3 hours 19 min
    • Setting up a new client
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable
    • Payroll
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Financial reports
    • Audit preparation
    • Work in progress
    • Training and consulting
    • Budgeting
    • Year-end accounting
    • Reviewing QB’s Sample Company and Reports
    • Common Questions
    • Record keeping
    • Sample reports

Starting a bookkeeping business Video Chapter 9

Chapter 9-  Resources

    • Duration 8 min
    • Accessing your resources
    • Video closing comments

Includes over 78 Updated and New Forms! Plus access to IHBS 4th Edition EBook!

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How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service Video Seminar

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Includes over 78 customizable forms and checklists

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