Shipping Policy

All books are shipped via US Postal Service by the selected shipping on checkout. Either Media Mail or Priority Mail. JA Publications, Ltd is not responsible for incorrect mailing addresses, returned shipments, lost shipments or stolen merchandise once it reaches the delivery address.  Please make sure your shipping information is accurate and delivery will be secure to avoid theft or delivery problems.


Electronic Files

To access your purchased electronic files and videos, you must login to your account.  If you have any problems logging in or accessing your files, please contact us as soon as possible.

Videos are streamed on our website and not available for download.  Zip files and PDF files can be downloaded from your members account.

Refunds or returns will lose access to login once the account is suspended.  If your account is used by others to access the content your account will be suspended.

Product Returns or Refunds

If you ordered a perfect bound or hard copy and have a defective copy please E-mail us right away to get a return shipping label to return the product.  We will replace the product with a new hard copy free of charge.

If you order a hard copy or online account access versions of any of our products and are not fully satisfied, you must return the product in tact and un-damaged within the 30 day period to receive your refund of the purchased price.  JA Publications, Ltd is not responsible for shipping charges to return the product and does not refund shipping paid on your order.   If you ordered the online access version, please e-mail us with your order information and request for a refund within the 30 days of purchase to receive your refund.  At the time of the request, your account will become disabled and you will no longer have access to any of the videos or files.  E-mail your refund request to

We do not accept refunds from Amazon purchases or purchases from any other authorized retailer.  Customer will have to go directly through the retailer where they purchased the product.

Thank you!

If you ordered an E-book prior to 02/13/17 and need to re-download the file  please E-mail us with your order number and we will issue you a code so that you can create a members account.  Once created you will be able to login and access your purchased files.

Thank you!