Customer Testimonials – How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service Book and Video Editions


Thank you so much for writing this book!  I bought the second addition a few years ago and loved it.  Of course, life got in the way and I was unable to start my own bookkeeping business at the time.  Now it feels like things are starting to align better.

Once again, thank you so much for this book.  It is a good, easy read, and very informative.


I was looking for a course that would help me to create a plan and guide me through the many obstacles of starting my own bookkeeping business. This course does this and so much more.  The videos are easy to follow and take you through all aspects of starting and running your business and help you to avoid many of the pitfalls you may encounter if you were going it alone.

In addition to the videos you have access to an extensive library of excel and word forms and documents for all of your business needs including initial consultations, engagement agreements, business tracking and business plan templates and all of the forms required for running the various aspects of your business.

While this course provides a wealth of information the author goes above and beyond to provide many, many resources and links to these resources for all of the varied requirements for starting and running a bookkeeping business.  This course has a great deal of very useful information, is well laid out and is easy to follow.  This course is a great value and well worth the price!”


Hi Julie,

I purchased your book How to Open Your Own In-House Bookkeeping Service. LOVE the book. It is very informative and helpful.

Thank you for the answer to my question. This is how I felt but I needed confirmation. Thank you for mentioning to include MBA on my business cars and as part of name. I would not have thought of this.

Thank you again



First off I would like to say thank you.  I managed to secure my first client with my new bookkeeping business and after cleaning up the horrific mess left by the previous bookkeeper, I am off to find the next client.  Your book was extremely helpful in addressing topics that I needed support in and I really appreciate and am thankful for your book.

David Smith

The book is amazing. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and rereading it to apply different aspects into starting my own business. The issue I’m not facing is being consumed with anxiety to find clients and get the ball rolling. Wrapping my head around the concept that I just have to do it, but feeling unsure about doing so has held me back. Of all the material I’ve consumed regarding starting a BKing business your book was by and large the best.

Katherine Cornelius


Thank you for the coupon code.  Your book is full of amazing, detailed help and has been very motivational.  I have been in corporate accounting over 20 years, and I am finally getting ready to set out on my own.  Your book is making it possible.

Thank you,


I loved the personal references and how you got started. That it isn’t going to be easy. I also enjoyed how as a human, I can relate to your feelings of not passing a test, butterflies in your stomach. I really enjoyed chapter 6, and thought you provided a lot of great advice and experience. Chapter 3 was an excellent chapter and I LOVED the Chapstick idea.


Hi Julie,

Thank you! By the way, I’m half way through your book and it is so far amazing. It’s well written and helps me a lot to start my bookkeeping business. I was a bit lost and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have bought your book. It guides me steps through steps like a mentor and I would like to thank you for all that.


Bita Gharaee

Hi Julie,

Thank you! By the way, I’m half way through your book and it is so far amazing. It’s well written and helps me a lot to start my bookkeeping business. I was a bit lost and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have bought your book. It guides me steps through steps like a mentor and I would like to thank you for all that.


Bita Gharaee

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for replying to my email. All responses I have received so far have been very generic and, off course, encouraging me to purchase whatever products are being sold by the person/company I contacted.

This is extremely helpful as I would not want to mislead clients and provide poor services that would have unwanted consequences. I did think about starting with bank reconciliations for individuals (financial advisers) as I do have experience in that and work from there, but I am also looking at different CPA firms to assist during tax season.

Thank you so much for your help. You have no idea how hard it is to find honest people. If your email was this honest and open, I am sure the book is very helpful as well and I will make sure to purchase it anyway.


Julie, I have finally had a chance to sit down and take a look at your beta videos and let me say, I am blown away!

I love the Powerpoints that you used and I love that we are able to print them out as well for our records. I have been in business for a couple of years now and the “Where to start” videos gave me ideas that I never even thought about. I love how you discuss working full time, also the startup expenses and niche marketing. These are some of the most common things that I here from others looking to start up a bookkeeping business. I also think you do an excellent job with organizing everything and not jumping around. All in all I think you did a great job.

I also love how you talk about accountability and some of the most common problems that are faced. I also love the actual case studies that you put in there pertaining to fraud and theft.

I was very skeptical about it being all videos because I am old school and really like to have the physical book in my hand so I can refer back to it but having the Powerpoints really help.


Hello Julie, I purchased your book and started to read. So far it is written great and it is very detailed which is great. Thank you so much. Keep writing great books for us:)). Good Luck,
Nadia Petrovna
Hi Julie, I really like your book, it gives many wonderful advices and things to consider when opening a Bookkeeping business. Thank you so much,
Igal Grumberg
Hello Julie, So I am a fan of your In Home Bookkeeping Services book. I would like to connect to see all of your updates. Perhaps a new edition?! New tips, or just see how you are doing.
Angel Navarro
Thank you Julie for your response and for writing such a great book. The book that I purchased was a third edition on how to open your own In Home Bookkeeping Service.
Cathy Gibbs
Hi Julie, Let me start out by saying your book is amazing! It is extremely helpful and easy to read. You are my inspiration! Thank you so much! Best Regards,
Alisa Fielding
Hi Julie: THIRD Edition - I ordered first through my kindle and then I loved it sooo much I got a hard copy for my office.
Hi Julie, I downloaded the forms without incident. It’s great that you included these valuable resources with your book. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I have purchased every book I can find on the subject of at-home bookkeeping and yours is definitely the best of the bunch. It hits on so many points the others fail to mention and it is absolutely overflowing with practical advice on how best to get up-and-running. Your book will definitely be my guide as I move forward. I so too appreciate your “down to earth” writing style. While reading, I felt as though I was simply having a conversation with a good friend – a very knowledgeable good friend. Thanks for the great work!
Hi Julie, Thank you for your quick response and I look forward to finishing your book! I was in public accounting for a couple years and decided to start my own bookkeeping service, Reardon Accounting, LLC. Being an entrepreneur has been running through my head for over a decade. Thank you for all your guidance! Additionally, I am surprised I was able to email you directly (great personal touch you added there). It is great to gain advice from someone who is actively involved in the field.
Dear Julie; it's really impressive to have such valuable book & "forms", despite the fact that I am in a different location (in UAE), but I found it really helpful & useful to my new venture.Thank you very much & will be back to you further help in any.
Wow! This is terrific source of forms, Julie! You put a lot of thought in putting this package up for us, users. Thanks for that!
Daria Wright
Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and years of experience. I look forward to starting this new chapter of my professional life. Blessings,
Charles Lee Smith
Hello Julie,I wanted to say Thank you in writing the Bookkeeping book, it has really been a helpful tool. Thanks
Beverly Dalmida
Julie,I'm enjoying your book so far (only on the first chapter!) and can already tell it will be a huge help as I set up my own part-time bookkeeping business.
Betsy Robertus
Hi Julie, I recently purchased your book on Amazon.com. Although I have only read the first couple of chapters, I have found very useful information. Thank you,
Saida Najib
Hello Julie, I bought your book from Amazon.com a while back and I absolutely love reading it. Just finished my Associates degree in Accounting in May and purchased your book. I’m planning to open my own bookkeeping services this year whilst continuing my education. Thank you so much for writing such a good book with valuable information. I actually bought a few before I found yours and your book is the best.
Yesim Deale
It has been about a year since I purchased your books. I received all three books and I have read them over and over again because they are worth more than I have ever expected. I am an accounting teacher, and an adjunct professor of accounting. I am used to teaching from a book, but boy is it really different from real world accounting and your book shows it. I started my own bookkeeping business following you system and it really works. I am averaging 1 to 2 clients per month. Books are great! Thank You
Joe Rossi
OMG..3 weeks from buying your book, it has paid for itself. Your resources led me to a few great projects that lead to bigger ongoing projects. I was super nervous to get started with my own business but after working like crazy for someone else I took a gamble on myself and I am beyond grateful. This book is amazing and will remain as a great resource on my book case in my home office. Thanks a ton for all your help, experience and guidance. I had to pay my gratitude forward to you because your book has blessed me! May God keep blessing and using you to help others fulfill their dreams.
E. Holmes
Hello Julie My name is Geena Young and I have decided to take the leap of faith, from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship!! As scary as it is…I am so very excited about the possibilities. In an effort to glean as much as I can, in the way of information, I stumbled upon your book, "How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service". Your book is an absolute "GOD-send". Such a well thought-out way of communicating to the reader, everything there is to know about starting a bookkeeping business. I thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience with so many. Very grateful,
Julie, I bought your book a while back and now I want to download those bookkeeping forms. Can you please send me the promo code or the link so that I can download it? By the way, you've inspired and helped me along the way. I really owe you a lot. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me through your book. I would not have gotten through this first year without you. Sincerely,
Alex Cruzet, CEO
Julie, I was able to download the forms and -- wow -- that's a lot of material. Thank you so much. BTW, I have been a writing tutor and coach for several decades, and I think your writing is great: light, clear, readable. Your personal voice comes through, and that voice is confident yet friendly. I'm definitely going to order more of your books. Thanks for your great work!
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know I think your book is very informative and well written. It has helped clarify and/or answer the multitude of questions that run wild in my mind. Now that I have read the entire book, I will begin digging into all the resources you provide to help me in planning my path. Thank you for your time!!
Stacy Calvert
Hi Julie, I purchased the Kindle version of your book via Amazon last September...almost a year ago! I FINALLY got the guts and motivation to get serious and start my bookkeeping business. I'm so excited! Your book has been so helpful. I've listened to it quite a few times; it's pretty much my bible for this new journey. Thanks SO much for writing this for us newbies. God bless!
Hi Julie,thank you for your book! I have just finished reading it, and I found it very informative and helpful. I have worked in Corporate FP&A (financial planning and analysis) for 20 years, and would like to escape Corporate America and start a business of my own. I thought bookkeeping would be a good fit, because I could work from home more often, and it wouldn't involve work that requires tax expertise or a CPA.
Thank you Julie! And thank you for the amazing service! That is a rarity these days. I am looking forward to reading your book
Thank you so much Julie, that worked and wow thank you so much for all these forms! Your book as been so extremely helpful and informative!! Best,
Hi Julie, I am a few weeks away from starting my construction bookkeeping service here in Santa Cruz, California. Your book was the first thing I ordered on Amazon to help me get the details and answers to my questions before beginning. Thank you so much for your book! It has answered so many questions for me and has given me the confidence to start my business. Thanks again for being a resource to those us of just starting out!
Karen Stebbins
Hey Julie - I bought the kindle edition of how to start a bookkeeping business and just finished it. It said to email you for a link to the forms. So here I am emailing. I really enjoyed the book...I'm excited to get started with the business, looking at 3-6 months out. I'm a little nervous about how to get clients but I think I will have some unique offerings. Anyway- great book, and hopefully I'll be emailing you a success story soon enough!
Hello, I recently purchased the kindle version of your book, “How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service.” Thanks you – I got SO MUCH useful information from it. However, the samples of forms in the text ended up being jumbled in the electronic version, and so I was not able to review those. Any chance you might have a website with links to these forms? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Tami Bautista
Greetings, I purchased you book, and I am loving it thus far. I am trying to have access to the downloadable forms. On the link provided in the book, that site ask for a coupon code. How may I retrieve this code? Best regards,
LaTrane Simpkins
Julie, I ordered the Kindle edition of How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service last year and would like to get the forms and spreadsheets. I really enjoyed the book and am learning so much. Please send me the link. Warm regards.
Good Evening, I have to tell you, the book arrived and I sat down and read it cover to cover. Very awesome and well organized! Thank you for such a great book and resource! Regards,
Jessica Threlkeld
Hi Julie, Could I please have a code for the electronic download? Below is my amazon receipt for your book. I just completed my first reading and am about to go back to the beginning again! What a helpful resource, thank you!!!
Thank you very much!Hello, thanks for the great advice in your book. Could you please send me the coupon code for the free bookkeeping forms? I've attached my Amazon invoice from the order. Thank you,
Kerri Adams
Dear Julie Mucha-Aydlott, CFE, I really enjoyed reading your very insightful book. If you could please send me the discount code for the electronic forms, I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,
Patrick Cilento
Hello Julie, I received your book "How to Open Your Own In-Home Bookkeeping Service" third edition as a gift from my dear husband. I've been doing full charge bookkeeping for a service oriented business for 3 years now in addition to some other bookkeeping jobs before that. Over all I am really enjoying the work and was thrilled with the gift and the knowledge you give in the book. It's so relevant to many of the questions that I've pondered about starting my own business...kudos to you and thanks for sharing your knowledge. I'm now wanting to explore more about the details of starting my own business and thought having your forms on hand would be a good start.
Chris McNeil
Julie- I need the coupon code for access to your forms. I purchased it through Amazon and the receipt ID is 110-6605096-6669846. I can’t find any codes in the book I purchased – I am not sure if I missed it or if this is good enough for your requirements. I look forward to reading through your book – thanks for writing it! Thank you very much!
Josh Harris